With a couple of hours to spare on a Monday morning before returning the rental car from the weekend, I could think of no better way to start the week and get my head straight than with a nice, quiet walk at the Zoo … and of course take a few pictures along the way. I headed to Twycross Zoo, situated a short 20-minute drive from Nuneaton. I hadn’t been there for a long time and in a way, I was a little excited just like a big kid. As I arrived, just like me, the animals were only just waking up but the arrival of a coach full of school kids soon gave us a serious wake up call. We (me and some of the animals) welcomed a nice bit of sun to warm up to and a sunny spot for breakfast. I have to say that Twycross Zoo was looking good, clean and well looked after, including their latest addition to the park, some big plastic dinos, awesome! Time flew by and unfortunately I did not get to pay all the locals a visit by the time I had to go, some were still sleeping in but who can blame them on a monday morning! I’ll be back monkey dudes!

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