Nuneaton Photography

Last week we decided to create a new Facebook group; Nuneaton Photography. Apart from the local photo clubs and photographic societies, we felt there wasn’t a place for local photographers in Nuneaton & other surrounding areas where they get together and ask questions and request advice on kits, tips, jobs, etc. with a possible aim to also organise classes and photo walks in the future. With already 30 members, a wealth of different levels, styles and specialties have come together ranging from portraits to long exposure landscapes, astrophotography, analogue 35mm and 120 film processing, people using smart phones, DSLRs and new mirror-less systems. This combination of knowledge and experience all in one place is great for every member wanting to discover and develop a new or exciting set of photography skills. We welcome anyone local in the area and with an interest in photography to join us at Nuneaton Photography.

Photograph by Bob Watson

Photograph by Kerry Cummings

Photograph by Chris Ison

Photograph by Allie Kidd

Photograph by Eva Swap

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