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For a photographer, not only does footwear need to look good (rockstar shoes) but comfort is the bigger part to the puzzle here people. If you’re on your feet for 8 to 21 hours straight, travelling, moving, running, still, jumping in the sea or pretending to be a stealthy silent ninja in the shadows to get into those difficult positions for the shot (especially if you use prime (none zoom) lenses); good footwear is what will gets you there and Palladiums will do it all and very well!

I have recently received my second pair of Palladiums after being so impressed and pleased with my first pair that I have had a few years now. Palladiums are light, comfortable, hard wearing and look good, why else would the French Foreign Legion wear them? One of the interesting special parts of all Palladium boots is the rubber toe cap design. It looks a little weird at first but in fact it’s one of the it’s main straights. From experience of shooting weddings, studio and location portrait shoots, conferences etc … my shoes suffer from toe wear from being on my knees, one knee. The rubber toe cap design provided protect, comfort and stops the shoe.

Palladiums, perfect for photographers

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