An the agenda this month: street photography in the Born area. Our usual guides Ben and Harry led the way and explained some street portrait techniques and even put them into immediate practice. This resulted in some pretty funny situations which quickly broke the ice and gave the others the edge to try them out for themselves. I felt like giving my day an interesting babylicious twist and set up my camera with a Lensbaby Composer (Double Glass Optic) and a twist it was! The Lensbaby‘s design is based on a ball and socket configuration that delivers creative effects. You have to tilt the lens to a desired angle and then focus with a manual focusing ring while having the camera on fully manual. If not, it does not work. It’s a tricky lens to use at first and especially if you or your subjects are on the move all the time.

This baby however did not divert me from my style of photography, focussing on capturing portrait shots of the people in action. If there are photos of yourself you like, you can share this link or get in touch with me. Alternatively if there are photos of yourself you don’t really like and would like to see removed, let me know. If you like this post, a ‘Like‘  would be much appreciated and feel free share this page if you are on Facebook or leave a comment below.

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