PhotoWalk | Forum Barcelona & Solar Panel

The Forum Building, also known as Museu Blau de les Ciències Naturals, is one of Barcelona’s architectural landmarks and was designed by the Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. I arrived late to the PhotoWalk rendez-vous but soon found the unmistakable silhouette of photographers staggering along like something out of ‘The Walking Dead’, looking for their next target to shoot. The Forum offers endless possibilities with it’s dark, sharp, pointy angles and shiny, reflecting surfaces. Once we got our creative fluids pumping, we marched on towards the massive, futuristic looking Solar Panel, equally amazing and somewhat intriguing … The area does not only have lots of amazing architecture but the wide open space and the blue sea make you feel like you can really breathe, very welcome when living in the concrete jungle!
Special thanks to Ben Evans – The English Photographer for organising the MeetUp event and a thanks to Mark for letting me play with his Olympus OMD 5. If you like the photos, please do share and show a little love with a ‘Like.

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